Planning To Be Spontaneous

My mother is a persistent planner. Lists are her thing. Whether she is plotting dinners for the week or organizing a family event, she writes a list that contains absolutely everything needed. She’s the mom in the family, so you know she remembers the items that my father, my brothers and I would forget.

Paper, sticky notes, Evernote – whichever tool you use – lists are great. If you write lists and manage your time well, you could be a great project manager (or parent) one day.

My mom could teach you a lot about project management. However, since this is my blog, I want to discuss something different. Actually, I want to teach you about being spontaneous.

I’m not the biggest risk taker you’ll meet. Contrary, I am my mother’s daughter and I like to have an agenda. Yet, I’ve learned that doing things out of the ordinary can be just as fun as (if not more fun than) planned activities. The key is to approach your spontaneity with an open mind.

So, how can you, the planner, be spontaneous?

Close Your Eyes
Breathe. Let your thoughts wander. You’re always focusing on something so try focusing on nothing for once. Naturally, this state of meditation will put your mind to work. New ideas will come. When an idea sparks, don’t let it go! Grab it and pursue it; don’t put it on your to-do list!

Do Something Different!
Whatever you normally do on your plan-less days (read, watching television, sleep), don’t do it! Do an activity you haven’t done in years. Reunite with your old band for one night. Hop on a jet ski. Visit your alma mater. Book a weekend getaway to wherever! The sky’s the limit (and one day soon, that may include space).

Creativity and spontaneity go hand in hand. If you’re a cook, try a new spin on your favorite dish. If you’re a fashionista, raid your closet and piece together a new outfit. If you’re a crafter, pick up the first item you find outside and make it the center of your next work of art. Put a twist on your hobby. You will be more comfortable taking a risk, but still be challenging yourself to break routine.

Recruit a Friend
Everyone knows someone, or knows someone who knows someone, who is outgoing, sociable or just plain crazy. Be that person for a day. Hang out with that person and see what adventures he/she takes you on.

As I close this post, I’m ready to break routine. I’m going to take my own advice and do something out of the blue. Maybe I’ll even bring my mother along for the ride. Who’s with me?

This post is my contribution to the Your Turn Challenge. I am joining thousands of secretly inspiring people in challenging myself to write and ship one blog post every day for seven days. Today is day four of the challenge. Click the hyperlink above for more information.

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