The Familiar World

Photo of airplane above flying in between two buildings, photo from Pexels by Salih Sayed

This piece is dedicated to America’s heroes and the people who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.


It’s an eerily familiar sky.

The sun shines through the clouds,

Kicking off the day.


It’s an eerily familiar sound.

Planes roar above,

Leaving white trails behind.


It’s an eerily familiar scene.

A sea of buildings is in the distance,

Waiting for brothers and sisters to arrive.


Yet, it’s not familiar at all.


One day, the world changed.


The sun dimmed.

Planes crashed.

Buildings collapsed.


The world stopped.

The world cried.

The world died.


Then, a familiar world slowly emerged.


The sun rose.

Planes reappeared.

Buildings resurrected.


One day, things seemed familiar again.


But, we’ll never forget the world that was once more familiar.

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