Holiday Crafting

Thanksgiving is historically known as being the kick-off to the holiday season. In addition to celebrating with family and a hearty turkey dinner, I logged onto Pinterest and created some holiday crafts.

View my creations on my Crafts page. Read the few tools you need to make them below. You can find these tools at your local craft store for a small fee or in nature for free.

  • Ribbon ornament: themed ribbon, needle pins, a styrofoam ball and a scissor.
  • Evergreen ornament: evergreens, pine cone seeds and a glass ball ornament.
  • Epsom salt ornament: Epsom salt, a glue stick and a glass ball ornament.
  • Glitter ornament: colorful glitter and a glass ball ornament.
  • Glitter pine cone: colorful glitter, pine cones and adhesive spray.

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  • P. Reilly 03 / 12 / 2013

    Writes well and can craft – what a great blog!


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