Why I Write – National Day on Writing

In celebration of the National Day on Writing, I sat down to reflect on why I write. It’s a question that I had never asked myself. I imagine it’s a question that the majority of the world’s population has never pondered.

I write for several reasons.

Writing is necessary.

I’ve been writing since I was four because I had to. Getting a library card was a milestone because I needed to prove I could spell my name to receive it. Throughout school, I composed papers and presentations to graduate. Today, I write emails upon emails at work to communicate. Writing is a routine need for living.

Writing is educational.

Reading is educational because it enables me to learn a new word or an interesting fact. Writing is educational for the same reason. Writers strive to communicate effectively. We want our readers to understand and to connect to our messages. This requires research: a scholastic and an enlightening activity. Furthermore, I have discovered a lot about myself through exercises such as this one. Writing is a means to growing professionally and personally.

Writing is entertaining.

We live in an entertainment-driven society. American author Neil Postman described this concept in his book, Amusing Ourselves to Death; a book that is on my to-read list. People consume television and other media to satisfy their need for entertainment. Writers produce to give people what they want; this drives business. Plus, creating a story helps writers satisfy their need to entertain and/or to express their opinions.

Writing is innovating.  

In my opinion, writing powers advancements and success. Writing is more involved than typing. It is the representation of the thoughts and ideas that cycle through our minds. Writing entails brainstorming, planning, communicating and inspiring. Without writing, an advertisement, like Apple’s “1984” commercial, or a speech, like Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” address, could not be considered groundbreaking.

Why do you write? Share your story in the comments section.

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