Lesson #20: Find Motivation Through Others

My mother is my biggest fan.

When I started this blog back in 2013, she was one of the very few people (actually, less than a few; two to be exact) who left me a comment. Now, I didn’t start this blog to receive comments (although, comments are welcomed); I started this blog because I love writing and I was exploring a new way to express myself. Yet, her support was there.

Before I fast-forward to the present, I want to rewind to 2010, the year I graduated college and held the title of “Unemployed”. As much as I’ve always been a crafter, when I was unemployed I crafted daily because, well, I had nothing but time. Looking back, that brief period has had a lasting influence on my adult years to date, and inevitably led me to opening Fancy Little Finds Shop – bold and beautiful fancy little finds – on Etsy in 2016.

However, my first sale occurred the year before I opened my Etsy shop. Guess who? That’s right, Mom asked me to make wine charms as a gift for her friend’s birthday. She saw the opportunity to motivate me to try making a hobby more than a hobby, just like she encouraged me to keep writing.

So, now we fast-forward to the present. In two weeks, I will be exhibiting my fancy little finds at the Demarest Nature Center’s Oktoberfest Craft Show. Ever since I opened my Etsy shop, Mom has sent me product ideas and, more importantly, has asked me when I was going to finally participate in a craft show that would get my name out there. Well, I finally did it and I am excited to take my shop to the next level by introducing my products to folks in Bergen County, New Jersey on Saturday, October 14.

Lesson #20: Find Motivation Through Others

Let moms be moms, dads be dads, brothers be brothers, sisters be sisters, significant others be significant others, friends be friends, bosses be bosses, and mentors be mentors. The lesson here is to allow others to motivate you. Don’t think no, think, possibly, maybe, yes! Sometimes others see your potential more than you do.

And, when you do something as a result of someone else, be sure to thank them.

So, thanks Mom.

I know Mom will be in Demarest, New Jersey on October 14. I hope you will be too!

About the Event

The Craft Show at Oktoberfest 2017
At The Duck Pond In Demarest, New Jersey
Saturday October 14, 2017, 10am – 5pm

The Craft Show at Oktoberfest features a high quality craft show with up to 75 crafts persons bringing their handmade crafts in many medias. It’s a great place for holiday shopping, for gifts, or for items for your own use and enjoyment.

There will be German music, German food, water and soft drinks; Korean delicacies; inflatable games. While at the fair visit the Demarest Nature Center and environmental information tables. All proceeds go to benefit The Demarest Nature Center.

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