Lesson #3: Wear multiple hats

Recently, Blogging4Jobs published a post about the cultural phenomenon, “It’s not my job.” Why do people say no? For some, it’s habitual; they come to work to do their job and then leave. For others, it’s bandwidth; they are working to meet a deadline. You might be tempted to mimic your colleagues’ actions. Before you do, keep reading to consider the advantages of saying yes.

Lesson #3: Wear multiple hats (even when it’s not in your job description).

When someone asks for help, I view it as an opportunity to learn. In fact, I encourage it. Work can go through dry spells. Whether it’s a slow week or I am craving change, I see what new projects I can get my hands on. My position interacts with all facets of human resources, but mainly focuses on compliance and program initiatives; yet, this week I am updating documents about healthcare reform and HIPPA notices. Why? The benefits manager asked.

Wearing multiple hats can help advance your career. It exposes you to new situations. It gives you practice. It forces you to collaborate with others. It might even introduce you to what becomes your passion for the rest of your career.

Despite these advantages, it’s important to know that sometimes it’s okay to say no. Saying yes to new projects too often can make it difficult to complete each project with star potential. Also, if you work for a large organization, pursuing projects outside the scope of your job may infringe on another person’s work. Before you say yes, talk to your supervisor to gain an understanding of the best way to wear multiple hats in your position.

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  • P. Reilly 28 / 09 / 2013

    Great lesson! Looking at everything as an opportunity rather than an inconvenience is a great attitude to have!


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